I took this information from The Humane Society in my local town, and made the poll a bit more colorful. Here’s what people think about keeping cats outside

Here’s some more facts and where they came from:

The National Traffic Safety Administration:

-5.4 MILLION cats are hit by cars each year in the United States.

-The states with the least amount of cats hit by cars are Wyoming with 22,000 run over each year, and Maine, with 95,000 run over each year.

-Even if cats are careful and wait for cars to pass, swerving drivers such as when they are on cell phones, can still hit animals.

-62% of run over cats are caused by drivers using cell phones.

-81% of people don’t stop after they’ve made some kitty road kill.

-97% of cats do not make it after they have been hit by cars.

The Humane Society of America:

-22,000 cats die EVERY DAY.

-The leading cause of death in cats is Feline Leukemia which is picked up outside from cats getting scratched or bitten by infected strays.

-A kitty is fair game for the pound or bunchers even if they are sitting in your front lawn.

-93% of people who let their cats free roam have lost at least one cat due to a reason it was roaming free outdoors.

Vets in my area:

-“No vet reccomends letting your cat free roam.”

-“Once you adopt a cat, welcome them into your family with open arms like you would a baby. Would you let your baby wander around night and day? If you would, I can happily give you some numbers for a mental hospital.”

-“I’m not quite sure why cat owners are nonchalantly risking their cat’s lives every day – if they do let their cats free roam, they shouldn’t be too sad when they get hit by a car or stolen. It’s their own fault. And for their own good, in my opinion. But the poor kitty doesn’t deserve it.”

-“Cats go way further than their owners think they do – owners think their kitties stay around their house and around neighbors. But that’s not true. Most cats will wander within a 5 mile radius of their home. And many cats go much, much farther.”

-“Picture a pile of dead kittens. Feel sick? I sure hope so. Cause’ you guys who let your cats wander, you are contributing to that pile. Yes. You are.”

-“It may seem like the transition from outdoor cat to indoor cat will be impossible, and your cat will be wining to go outside forever. That is not the case. If you keep kitty entertained, or you make a cat run/walk them on a leash/let them on your deck only, they will quickly learn they can still have fun. And once they adapt to the new ways and no longer yearn to be let out.”

A Law Book About Animal Abuse/Cruelty/Neglect My Mom Has:

-In the UK, you can go to jail if you let your cats free roam, because it’s considered Animal Cruelty.

-In many towns in the United States, you will be fined with Felony Animal Neglect Charges if you let your cat free roam.

-In Delaware it’s illegal to let your cat free roam.

-OUTSIDE CATS ARE BREAKING THE LAW.  Many areas and civic associations now have laws against letting cats run loose.  Delaware has passed a leash law for all domestic pets.


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